Four knitted pumpkins sitting on a white table in front of a wicker basket with a candle burning in the background. Learn how to make your own cozy pumpkin with this free knitted pumpkin pattern

Free Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

As the leaves start changing and the air gets crisp, nothing feels cozier than curling up with a new knitting project. Like most knitters, autumn (or fall!) is my favorite time of year. And what could be more perfect for this season than a cute knitted pumpkin? This knitted pumpkin pattern is easy to make …

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various knitting swatches projects on a white table. The knitted pieces are cream, grey and purple and feature ribbing, seed/moss stitch, stockinette and a shawl with many different stitch patterns

Knit vs Purl: A Visual Guide for Beginners

Ever looked at a piece of knitting and wondered how on earth you can tell what’s what? You’re not alone. When you’re a beginner, it’s not always easy to distinguish between a knit and a purl stitch. In fact, I remember when I was first starting out, I would often get the two confused. But …

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different knitting swatches and projects laid out on a white table to help answer the question, what is the wrong side in knitting?

What is the Wrong Side in Knitting?

Are you wondering what is the wrong side in knitting? Now that you’ve got the hang of the knitting basics, you’re looking to upskill with something a little more complex. Suddenly, you find patterns talking about the right side and the wrong side, and you’re left wondering, what’s the difference? Does it even matter? It …

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knitting swatches in different colours and knitting stitches on a white table with a pilea plant in the corner

How to Count Rows in Knitting

At some point, we all need to know how to count our knitting rows. We’ve all been there, right?  One moment you’re snuggled up, juggling a Netflix binge session with your knitting, and then – boom – you lose track. Was that the 10th row or the 15th? Or maybe you started a row super …

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A close-up of garter stitch knitting, in brown wool yarn on a white table. There are small bamboo stitch markers and a tape measure close by.

How to Count Garter Stitch Rows

Do you need to learn how to count garter stitch rows? Garter stitch is one of those beautifully simple stitches that makes it so easy to just zone out and enjoy the meditative rhythm of pure knitting.  But then you suddenly realise that you’ve no idea where you are in your pattern… was that a …

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an open book showing a page of knitting terms and abbreviations lying on a table with, knitting needles, yarn, buttons and a stitch marker

The Ultimate Glossary of Knitting Terms, Abbreviations and Techniques

If you’re just starting on your knitting journey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the new knitting terms and abbreviations. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Knitting terminology can often feel like learning a whole new language.  I struggled with a lot of the phrases and some of the less common …

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balls and skeins of yarn arranged on a plain wooden table. The yarns are made of different fibers, with varying colors and textures, with a pile of knitting nearby

How to Read a Yarn Label: A Complete Guide

Have you ever found yourself standing in the yarn aisle, feeling overwhelmed by all the options and wondering how to choose the perfect yarn for your project? Don’t worry; I’ve been there too! That’s why I’m excited to share with you the must-know skill that every knitter and crocheter needs: reading a yarn label. Whether …

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